Wri+ing english

From next month, we will have a no-TV day. The last sunday of each month, there will be no TV programs.

Will sexless couples begin to make love? Will we go out more? Will somebody still stick to the TV monitor, watching movies or video games? Will we recover the habit of reading? A lot of things could happen, but it sounds cool as a trial.

To tell the truth, we love TV. But we don't think it's healthy to say 'I cannot live without TV'. Why don't we have no-computer days or no-mobile days, too? It's ok with Delaware.

We think that in the 21st century, it is more progressive to reduce something than to increase. Delaware reduces the number of sounds in our music and elements of our graphic design but increases the quantity of information, produces them in less time but improves their quality. We boldly think like that. In short, being lazy is more creative! that's our goal. It's very difficult, but we feel happy thinking like that to escape from breaking a bad sweat.

TV will +ake day off +omorrow.

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