Official World Language.

Delaware receive emails asking about our music and design from many countries such as France, Germany, Brazil and Ghana. 99% of those emails are written in English. Not only the ones from English or Americans, but also the ones from non-native English speakers. Delaware, being Japanese, also reply to them in English even if it is to Thailand or Russia.

Hmm...the official world language is English, then.

No, but listen, just a moment please!
Because English native-speakers' vocabularies are too big and they use slang too, it is quite hard to understand them as we are non-native-speakers. On the other hand, non-native-speakers' English is very easy to understand. It can be unskilled, but that's why they are straightforward. We feel good about their attitude to communicate with us with their best.

We think the official world language is not the English of native-speakers, it's the Simple-English of non-native-speakers, isn't it!?

We are no fool
You are no silly
We are so beautiful
You are very wonderful
Are we no fool?
Are you no silly?
Here we go!

That's why the words in Delaware's music are written in Simple-English.
Let's enjoy future entertainment now!


This essay appeared in the solo book "Designin' In The rain", Actar. 2004