500 years more than Da Vinci,
400 years more than Shakespeare,
250 years more than Mozart,
100 years more than Dada,
50 years more than R&R,
50 years more than Pop Art,
40 years more than Beatles,
30 years more than Hip Hop,

Furthermore, we can get to know the process of their works from record albums, videos, museums or books. We know or experience more than John Whitney of motion graphics, Stanley Kubrick or Roy Lichtenstein. Even though we are less talented we have much more information.

So, we can sample their "technique", "practice", "idea" or "sense" to skip the steps the famous artists have already done. We'll spend our time doing what they haven't done yet, without spending the time gaining the traditional technique, and just go one step further.

We like R&R or Hip Hop music because it is relatively "easy" to make so long as you have some sense. That is the reason why we use bitmap. Because since we decided to use bitmap, we can't practice so much to gain more technique (laugh). So we can take the next step towards the future.

solo book "Designin' In +he rain", Ac+ar. 2004