You Ea+ A Pig, I Ea+ A Dog (O+agai).

Gui+ar: QueenRulez, Gui+ar: Afi, Sax: Levi+icus, Dance: Lucidi+y, Vocal: Delaware

Queen - We Will Rock You * Life on Mars Gui+ar cover Seu Jorge * Soprano Sax Jazz In Subway: Serenade in Blue * Belly Dance Prac+ice 2 * Poe+ry Reading / PIG & DOG

You sleep a+ 5 o'clock. I wake up a+ 5 o'clock. . . . . You drive a car. I ride a camel.
You go +o Mcdonald. I go +o mosque. . . . . You play in a park. I live in a fores+.
You ea+ a pig. I ea+ a dog. . . . . You are hungry. I am bored.
You made a bank. I made a pyramid. . . . . You respec+ an old man. I long +o be a richman.
You des+roy a na+ure. I blow up a building. . . . . You love me. I kill you.
You need god. I need god and gun. . . . . You like i+alique le++ers. I like oblique le++ers.
You love sex, drugs and rock & roll. I love sox, relax and bu++er roll. . . . . You are six+een. I am six+y four.
You feel good. I feel bad. . . . . You'll be soon born. I'll be soon dead.


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