Delaware 7+h Album and 5+h Exhibi+ion, 2oo6
(All You Need Is) H E L L * N O * B E E R * Y E A H

A is air.
B is bea+.
C is shi+.
D is deep.
E is yeah.
F is enough.
G is jean.
H is ouch.
I is eye.
J is jar.
K is hey.
L is hell.
M is amp.
N is end.
O is no!
P is peep.
Q is cool.
R is ah!
S is essay.
T is +ea.
U is woo!
V is beer.
W is dub.
X is +ax.
Y is wine.
Z is zoo.

"Soul Power Regular/Power +o +he People/Le+'s Go! Human Being/Ar+oon"
IdN my favouri+e conference 2oo4,
singapore conven+ion cen+er, 2oo4, Live performance


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