+oonAr Show :

Soul Power Regular

+wo good vibra+ion, fried chicken, four piece, soul power regular, one love and four peace
I'm very hungry, gogogogo, you are so oh lonely, gogogogo
We are so oh crazy, gogogogo, hurry up, in +his cen+ury!
+hree funfunfun, fried po+a+o large, kindness, very small, +wo smile, I feel good!
We are so punky, gogogogo, hurry up, in +his cen+ury!

I need a double cheeseburger and hold +he le++uce
Don'+ be fron+in' son no seeds on +he bun
We be up in +his drive +hru, order for +wo
I go+s a craving for a number nine like my shoe
We need some chicken up in here, in +his hizzle for rizzle my mizzle, ex+ra sal+ on +he frizzle
Dr. Pepper my bro+her, ano+her for your mo+her
Double double super size, and don'+ forge+ +he fries
***************************** "Big Mac Rap". Lyrics: XD

+wo good vibra+ion, cheese burger, gogogogo
Wi+ness a li++le bi+, rock'n'roller, gogogogo
+hree funfunfun, I love you, gogogogo
Soul power regular, bacon burger, gogogogo, I wanna play, ah!
+o go? here? +o go? here? +o go? here? +o go?

video: +akashi yamaguchi, imai +oonz.
edi+ and mix: Delaware.

nex+ song "Ar+oon"
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