Do +he Mobile

+ime Is Honey.
programming and pho+o: +akashi Yamaguchi. 2005.

June 24, 9:36pm, Friday, 43seconds.

"Four mobile phones are linked and displayed +o show +ime as a clock.
+his spoils mobili+y +ha+ is one of +he mos+ impor+an+ advan+age of a mobile phone.
I+ mus+ be enough in one mobile phone, however, four mobile phones are used purposely and show +ime!
Moreover, i+ is no+ easy +o recognize +ime because i+ divides in+o four.
In daily life, +hough ge++ing a benefi+ from such a convenien+ +hing, somehow Delaware feels pleasure in daring spoil such a prac+icali+y."

49seconds, Friday, June 24, 10:33pm.
do +he mobile